Buddy Guy & Stevie Ray Vaughan - It's Still Called the Blues

Live at Buddy Guy's Legends Club, Chicago, Illinois, July 30, 1989.
This is Set 3 of a show Buddy played on his birthday in 1989. Stevie Ray plays on the last 3 'songs'. This is basically a big jammin' mutual love fest between Stevie and Buddy. Buddy has obviously had a few drinks. Some of the interaction between the two is jaw dropping!! Each song starts as the song listed, but after a verse or two, they each morph into a big jam. Buddy touches on many of his classics during the course of the set, and Stevie Ray just blazes along behind him, taking the vocal here and there. Lotsa fun!!

Sound Quality (1-10): 10
Performance: (1-10): 10

Artwork Available: No

1 disk - [56:30]
  1. It Still Called the Blues - 3:17
  2. Champagne and Reefer - 25:49
  3. Mary Had a Little Lamb - 8:38
  4. Leave My Little Girl Alone - 18:46
Added May 7, 2004