What   customers say about Hoover  whistles



Mack's craftsmanship keeps getting better. The whistles he was making 5 or 6 years ago were nice sounding, and I like them. But when I got this latest batch, I was blown away by the improvement in tuning, stability, and ease of play. Wow.  Tom Wilson 

...The whistle is excellent and exactly what I was looking for. No, it's more than I was looking for. Great on the increased volume, yet the "Hoover sound" remained. Mack, this is an excellent job you have done. Thank you.

I received the whistle this afternoon and have played it for about 30 minutes. I am certain it will have a permanent place in my regular whistle category. Nice back-pressure, smooth octave change, just the right amount of chiff for me, nicely made, great clean sound. And, I just tried the Whitecap on one of my Generations and, well, WHAT A DIFFERENCE!...I'm going to check your website further and start planning for my next Hoover... Ron Jarvis

..The whistle is excellent and exactly what I was looking for. No, it's more than I was looking for. Great on the increased volume, yet the "Hoover sound" remained. Mack, this is an excellent job you have done. Thank you.

I love the soprano D I own more and more from day to day and tune to tune. While playing an air in the evening it takes me away with the silhouettes of the crows dark as night, drifting along with the light grey clouds. Playing a jig or reel feels like a falcons flight upon a windswept sky. There's a spirit sleeping in your whistle, waiting to be awakened by a breath.

Hi Mack,I've got your whistle yesterday. It's a beauty in look and tone.  It's so sweet and clear, even in the second octave. It's easy to switch between the octaves. It's a really beautiful whistle. The Whitecap works great with the Feadog brass barrel and the aluminum barrel of my Walton's Little Black,

I still can’t get over your traditional bore D brass whistle. It does sound so beautiful so unlike many other whistles. Today I played for couple of hours with it and feeling is amazing. Notes are so clear so free of any breathiness whatsoever.

"You need a different kind of breath control..."

"You don't blow...you just sort of breath into it" 

" You can play at midnight and not disturb a soul." 

"...definitely not for sessions.

Well, the Hoovers arrived today and I've got to hand it to you Mack, they play beautifully.

I was comparing the newly arrived high D (number 762) to the high D (number 1072) that you made for me back in December and was amazed at how much your whistle design changed over the course of 310 whistles. The walls on the older whistle are almost twice as thick, the window is about twice as long and the holes are smaller and a bit farther apart. The two whistles have very similar sounds but there are differences. The older whistle is a little bit purer in tone and the newer one is a little bit richer in harmonics. I'm amazed, though, at how similar the sounds are given the differences in their designs. I love both whistles.

I've got to tell you, when I played the Bb for the first time, I was almost floored (nearly fell out of my chair). When I got the low F that you made for me back in May, I was amazed at how well balanced the volume of the upper and lower registers were. On the low F the two notes at the top of the second register (xoo-ooo and ooo-ooo) which is a problem for me on every other whistle I own (Hoover and non-Hoover) were surprisingly easy to control. On the Bb, the volume of the two registers is even better balanced than on the low F and the top of the second register is incredibly easy to control. The sound quality is just what I've come to expect from the other Hoovers. Wow! Double Wow! --Mike 

"... I like my Hoover ... a very fun one to play, it requires so little air ... Plus it has a very nice tone and hits the upper registers easily and handles fairly well even in jigs."
óJukka Kovalainen (... Finnish but I currently live in sweden)

..."get a Hoover. Either the narrow bore D or the wide bore model. The narrow is by far the quietest game in town... tiny air requirements ..."--Chuck Clark

"The whistles arrived yesterday and I absolutely love them!  The brass ones are like playing pure gold and I am especially enjoying  the PVC low G.   It sounds like it is made of wood, not PVC!  I cannot get over how easily they go into the upper octave, and the beautiful tone they have!  They make even an inexperienced player like me sound good!  I am so thankful that our lives have touched.  You have touched mine very deeply with your fine talent and your wonderful spirit!  I will be in touch soon for my next purchase! " --Cheryl

"... I couldn't put it down the whole day it arrived... Playing the whistle has opened a whole new world of peace for me, and you are part of it because yours are the only whistles I play...thank you for that kind of inspiration... remember that there is a person way up north in Wisconsin who smiles when she thinks of you."--Holly

"...looks great, very professional looking. Sounds lovely. Nice and quiet...
every thing I wanted and more than I hoped for!"--JB

"Mack Hoover's whistles fill a highly sought-after niche in the International Whistle Market.  A smooth and QUIET whistle which players can use for practice without irritating their children, pets, and neighbors.  Hoover whistles have undoubtedly helped many whistle players avoid an annoying and costly divorce!"--Dale Wisely, chiffandfipple.com


 I had the good fortune to acquire two used Mack Hoover “D” Whistles in exchange for some of my photography.  I was quite pleased with the whistles, but wanted to have them looked at by Mack to see if they had lost any of their edge during their travels.  I contacted Mr. Hoover and offered to pay postage both ways and a reasonable fee if he would consent to take a look at them and make sure they were in their original and, no doubt, fine tune.  Since I was not the person to whom Mack had originally provided the whistles, I did not feel that he had any obligation with respect to their well-being.   Well, Mack did not share that view and was more than happy to look at them and tune them up, but declined my offer to pay the return postage or to any fee for tuning them.   He explained that it is his policy to stand behind his whistles--apparently regardless of the chain of custody.  He was glad to tune them up, but at no cost to me—including no cost even for the return postage.   So, off the whistles went from Brooklyn to Colorado, where Mack expeditiously worked his magic on them and returned them to ‘like new’ condition.  They are fine whistles and have the distinction of having traversed this continent at least five times.  I think they will stay put for a while.   One is a brass thin/quiet whistle, and it challenges you to play even softer than you think possible.  It will take a little getting used to.  As advertised, it requires very little air.  It is beautiful to look at and has a great sound.  The other is a white CPVC whistle and was returned with a like new appearance and had been ‘opened up’ quite a bit.  It has a fine full sound.   I was real impressed by Mack’s willingness to stand by his whistles, despite the fact that I was neither their original nor their second owner.   It says a lot about him.  

In the interim, I heard a lot of good things about Mack’s new Whitecaps, so I ordered a D/E-Flat combination (one head, two bodies).  Mack’s generosity evidently knows no bounds.  The shipment included a third body as well—a narrow bore C.  All three are exceptional, and I am now in the ever widening ranks of satisfied (actually, more than satisfied) clients of Mack Hoover.

Tom Dowling

A narrative about a returned whistle finding a new home:

I wrapped the whistle in a sheet of typing paper with a hand written note explaining that this gift was a reject, returned because of a cosmetic flaw. Using the recycled Walmart bag as padding, sealing the box, and putting on the shipping label as usual, I prayed this one would please its recipient.

This good friend had been satisfied with previous purchases and had always spoken highly of them. This whistle, however, had already been rejected once, even though it sounded good and played easily. I told him it looked like the fipple plug had been cracked and reglued,but the lines were really graining in the Corian material which is made to look like marble.

Chuck received the whistle with much appreciation for its qualities and said so in a note of thanks. He also included a request for permission to have a well known whistle player sign it. Of course I said yes and jokingly told him to say hi to Joanie from me.

When he asked Joanie Madden to sign it, she said "Nice whistle. Is it a Hoover?"

Afterwards he slipped it back into the paper tube to protect his trophy. Later, when he took it from the tube and saw it was fine he noticed there was writing on the inside of the paper. Unrolling it, he discovered the note telling of the rejection and the "flaws" of a whistle he had been happily playing for a couple of weeks.

A follow up to this story

When I asked Chuck's permission to put this on my Web site and for corrections, he gave both and closed with this remark: 

"And I still enjoy it immensely"

I take that to mean the whistle, but I'd bet he enjoys the memory of that CTL concert, too.     Mack


Hi Mack,

I got the whistle this afternoon, and it sounds beautiful! It's soft and sweet, just as I'd been told it would be (and this is just what an apartment-dweller wants). I really like the way the transition of a note from lower to higher octave is smooth and non-squeaky. It's hard to believe that my Feadog has become this amazing whistle. I expect to have many hours of enjoyable whistling.

Doing business with you has been a pleasure, and I thank you for that. I'll get in touch with you the next time I'm in the market for a whistle again.