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J Parker Brooks had never met a girl quite like Jennifer Ames. Smart and spirited, the fellow American expatriate is a bright light in that otherwise dismal first winter in wartime England.. Fortunately, Jenny finds the urbane engineer businessman attractive as well. Although the two seem to be headed for the perfect romance, the reality of the World War soon intervenes. Her job at the secret code breaking center at Bletchley Park makes increasing demands on her time. Parker’s mysterious disappearances into war-torn France part them even further, but that is not the worst of it. There is something strange about these trips, and Jenny soon finds disturbing links between him and coded messages regarding someone named Birthright.

These messages provide a hint of a world few deem possible. There is a resistance movement in England, seeking to extricate the nation from a war which they feel can only bring disaster to the nation. When France finally falls, the time seems right to make peace with the Germans. Hitler agrees. He has neither the desire nor the means to conquer the island Empire. He soon offers what seems to the resistance groups as reasonable terms. However both are rebuffed by one man--Winston Churchill. As weeks go by with no resolution, both groups become convinced that the only way forward is for the Prime Minister to be removed.

As Jenny uncovers more and more about the subsequent plots, she becomes increasingly suspicious of Parker. She knows he is definitely involved in clandestine activities, and fears it may be for the wrong side. However, even she cannot guess the true nature of his job, and the full extent of the plots against the British government. She soon finds herself at the center of the maelstrom, uncertain as to how to proceed. However the key to her dilemma lies closer than she ever dreamed.

The novel is set in England and France in the early war years, beginning in the spring of 1940. Much of the backdrop of the work is factual, from the German drive to Channel to the workings of the code breakers at Bletchley Park. The notion of a plot against the British government is based on the actual German Operation Wili, which hoped to bring Edward to rule a pacified England. The existence of a significant peace movement in Britain is factual as well.



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Meeting his relatives in Italy for the first time, Ross Cameron receives a request from his gravely ill great uncle Ercole. “The Pope must be stopped,” he tells Ross, following it with a command “to find the Prophecies.”  Knowing only a little about the Prophecies of Fatima, he teams up with the man’s devoted granddaughter, a blond named Sabrina.  Ercole’s few clues lead them to the highest peak of the Apennines, where they search for a mysterious chapel. 


The stakes are raised when Ross and Sabrina, after locating the missing papers, narrowly escape the mountain with their lives.  Delivering their find to Ercole’s friend, an enigmatic monk named Giotto, they are dismayed to find they have recovered only two of the missing Prophecies.  The subsequent search for the all important third mystery takes them to Rome, where they are soon immersed in a dangerous competition, one that connects them to events from a half century ago.


In 1943 German occupied Rome is a powder keg.  Jews are being rounded up in the streets.  The threat of the bombing is a daily reality.  Allied forces, aiming for the capital, are only slowly advancing up the boot of Italy.  Their German foes, resolutely seeking to stop them, prepare to fight in the streets of Rome itself.  Communist cells plan terrorist attacks against the occupiers. One Vatican priest considers an Allied victory as the only solution, and works behind the scenes for the liberation of the city.  Another, a monsignor of the Curia, collaborates with the occupiers, supplying support to religious war criminals operating in Croatia.  Repelled by this, a crusading priest from that region openly rebels against the Pope’s authority, calling on him to resist the Nazi’s.  A terrified Pope attempts a desperate balancing act to guide the Church through these dangers.  All comes to a head at the Ardeatine Grotto, where the Nazi’s massacre over three hundred innocent people.


The Ardeatine massacre is the event that connects the past with the present. The crimes of those days, refusing to stay buried, comprise the secret awaiting Ross and Sabrina. They discover that the evils of war, far from remaining in the past, reverberate right up to the present day, putting their lives in great danger. 


$15.95 ISBN 978-1450592222, 452 pages

Trade paperback 6x9


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"I have given him [Hitler] his last chance...I'm going to open up the Western Front. Only one thing matters now, the British and Americans must get to Berlin before the Russians do.”

--  Field Marshall Erwin Rommel


Major Helder, an officer on the staff of Rommel’s headquarters, witnesses the failure of the German army to prevent its Allies’ success on D-day.  Although he expects Rommel to somehow master the crisis, he soon realizes the Field Marshall himself doesn’t believe in victory.  Indeed, the major soon becomes caught up in a plot to turn over the German Armies in the West to the Allies.


Author explains the historical back ground -- article in the December issue of Yarnspinners and Wordweavers


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$16.95 ISBN 0978515897, 302 pages,

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“John recoiled from the sight, letting go of the body  as he fell backwards, the head hitting the floor with a sickening thump.”


Visiting professor of geology John Jennick discovers the body of his longtime friend and colleague lying next to his work in a deserted lab, his head crushed.  When suspicion falls upon him, the professor endeavors to find the perpetrator. From the first, an English woman, a fellow instructor in the department, volunteers to assist him.  As they work together, a mutual attraction develops, one that is problematic for our professor, as he is still mourning the untimely death of his wife, the event which drove him to the university.  The investigation takes them through a myriad of deceptions and suspicions, ultimately leading to tragic past events that have come to life in the present.  The professor must confront his own past as well, one well guarded by his own private demons, to discover who killed his friend, and more importantly, why.


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$19.95 ISBN: 1-4137-6284-0, 246 pages,

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FOREIGN GROUND: Traveler’s Tales



I’m in London and I Have No Clothes


Ken Kreckel




is featured in an inspiring collection that will transport the reader from their comfortable chair to places both exotic and familiar. An encounter with a mysterious stranger in Mexico, finding yourself in London with no clothes or among sympathetic Brits on 9/11, in a sandstorm in Africa or alone with your mate at a secluded cove along the Italian coast all offer different perspectives on different places, different ways of life. In Foreign Ground, twenty talented writers share their experiences around the globe - from Ireland to Africa, South America to the South Pacific, from India to France, from Italy to Mexico - in 41 pieces of poetry and prose.



$17.95 ISBN# 0-9714725-4-8, 224 pgs



Now available at Pronghorn Press