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Be So Good Wood
Alex Bisso - Chief Carver and Wood Finder
4407 Rimrock Road
Billings, MT 59106
Phone:  (406) 655-4609
Fax:  (801)650-9511

Hello. My name is Alex Bisso and I am the Chief Carver and Wood Finder for Be So Good Wood. Besides having carving as a hobby, I greatly enjoy long hikes and canoe trips to search for diamond willow, cottonwood bark and cottonwood root and dead juniper which I offer to other carvers at very reasonable prices. Check out the link to my PictureTrail site which includes albums of my wood carvings, canes and walking sticks, fishing photos, and photos of carving supplies for sale. If you see anything that interests you, please e-mail me at Thanks, ALEX If you are interested in anything that you read or see on this site or the links, please feel free to contact me: Alex Bisso 4407 Rimrock Road Billings, MT 59106 E-mail: Phone: (406) 655-4609